Obama v. McCain Breakdance Style

I may be up too late, but I saw this over at Dark Roasted Blend and had to post it:

Palin wins I'd say...


Google Street View Captures Clumsy Child

I was Viewing Streets to help my friend find a polling place when I came across this:

View Larger Map

Zoom in for a better look. Poor kid. Hilarious though...


Useful Idea for Bottle Caps

Anyone who's been in my apt knows that I once was obsessed with bottle caps. Below is an actually useful idea for them from RePlayGround:

Apparently, they send you specifically shaped sticky magnets that fit right in the back of a bottle cap...


The Eater of Meaning

Here's something funky I stumbled upon. It's called the Eater of Meaning. I'm not sure how it works but it turns text on webpages into hysterical gibberish.

Here's what it does to this blog:



If you click those links above, you can then click those same links on the gibberish page of this post & that'll take you to another gibberish version with links there too & on & on & on into absurdity!

It's like some kind of internet rabbit hole.


Open Brain Bluegrass Banjo Surgery

Eddie Adcock, legendary bluegrass banjoist, had a crazy procedure involving electrodes probing his brain while awake...while playing banjo! It was to fix a tremor in his right hand that interfered with his playing. Here's a video from Good Morning America:

Via Califaudio.


Old Sesame Street Crayon Making Video

This was on Make last month, and I finally got to watch it:

It's like some primordial memory for me, I bet I saw it before I could even talk. What's strange (and common when I see things like this from way back), is that when I watch the clip, it's like a visceral experience. It's hard to explain...like I can feel the crayons almost. Definitely accessing a different part of my brain. The same thing happens when I read this book.


Clever Yougert Spoon

I was Stumbling through Blogger land and found The Small Space Living Blog, which posted a sweet idea for a yogurt spoon:

Check out the site for other nifty ideas for living in small places (presumably like NYC apts, not small caves). They seem to have found the Yougert Spoon from here, another neat blog.