Website Code to Music Translator

I recently came across the Codeorgan which is a little application that turns websites into music. First, let's listen to what this blog sounds like.

Pretty sweet...gams. The fun thing is the song will change slightly if you reload the page or click the link again, but the notes don't, just the rhythm and instrumentation. For some compare & contrast here's the sound of Spaghetti Tree.

Basically, the Codeorgan scans the website's code (right-click, view page source), takes out non-musical letters aka notes (it only uses A-G), and somehow decides what kind of rhythm to plunk on down. I'd love to see something similar that uses information from digital photos, it would be interesting to see if the music reflected the mood of the photograph (dark, bright, frantic, still, etc.).

Give it a try! [via]


Ocular Blood-Cannons leads to Shapeshifting Reptilian Ruling Elite!?

I wanted to just put up a couple of videos of the awesome Horned Lizard that can squirt blood from its eye sockets at predators, who find the liquid foul, but YouTube put me on a much stranger path....

Firstly, the lizards:

Slightly longer & more informative video (same squirt footage):

The strange part happened when I noticed certain videos popping up in searches including the words "lizard" and "eyes." The videos were all of former president Bush Sr, and it took me a little while to realize that the person who made the videos, YouTube user Humans Win, was trying to convince the viewers that Bush Sr, along with some other of the ruling elite, is actually a shape-shifting reptilian life-form not of this planet! I'm not really sure I can see the reptilian nature of Bush's eyes in the videos, but the dude seems convinced. Have a look for yourself:



In Continuation of our Ram-Gam! theme of small animals being eaten:


Sweet Justice

I would like to introduce you to a Supreme Court Justice from my home state of Wisconsin. Her name? Patience Drake Roggensack. I kid you not.