Cat: Improvisatory Minimalist Piano Genius

Stumbled upon this video. The cat seems to have rhythmic sensibilities (slightly)! I love it.


Sound, Speech, Sine Waves, Perception, and our Brains.

This stuff is kind of hard to explain, but once you experience it, it will be very clear.

First, listen carefully to Sound Clip A. What does it sound like?
Now listen to Sound Clip B. Then, listen to clip A once again.

Crazy huh?

Here are a bunch more just like that, exact same procedure:
Clip A ------> Clip B
Clip A ------> Clip B
Clip A ------> Clip B
Clip A ------> Clip B

These are all from Matt Davis's article An Introduction to Sine-Wave Speech.

Via the Music of Sound.


German Monkey Orchestra

Here's something to watch:

Thanks to Ectoplasmosis. Thanks to them as well for a translation, some highlights of which are below:

...I beat my goldfish, bury him in the yard...
...Roast me a steak of glory...
...I want to turn away, celebrate, but my lake is too small....

Not much insight as to why the monkeys, tho a glory steak sounds interesting...
Here's some more footage of the monkey band tooling around what I assume is Germany:


Take an audio journey with Sound Transit.

Sound Transit is a brilliant website that lets you "book" an audio journey across the world like you would airplane tickets. It takes field recordings from each "stopover" on the way and puts it into a single mp3 for your listening/downloading pleasure.

Take a listen to my trip from Boston to (circuitously) Annapurna base camp in Nepal. Stopovers in: Bankok, Tasmania, Berlin, New Zealand, and Pethburi.

via Califaudio.