The Wednesday Random-Gam (or Ram-Gam)!

Let the first semi-monthly Wednesday Ram-Gam! commence:


NYC Streets as Percussion Instrument.

Here is a great little video of David Van Tieghem playing the streets like a drum! I've been known to knock a lightpost or two in my day so I really enjoyed this video. The weirdest part though? That the streets are so empty.

Update: Apparently there's a sequel:


Pregnant Santa

This might be hard to see, but it's a shocked looking Santa pregnant with a snow globe, inside of which there's another Santa:

Anyone want to try and explain this to me?


Sweet Chops!

I thought we could all take a moment to appreciate composer Johann Strauss II:

Not for his music, mind you, but for his Sweet facial hair!


Agonizingly Slow Destruction of a Kitchen

Came across this great video of an art installation that consists of a slowly rotating kitchen & the ensuing destruction:

Yes. It is great & amazing & genius, etc. But someone had the presence of mind to do this:

& yet another internet genius sped it up:

The possibilities are endless....