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Here's some Sweet art Cool Things posted:

Here's another:

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Huge Russian Sea Plane

From The Beriev Aircraft Company:

Check out their site for other crazy planes, including one's actually made (opposed to the planned example above). I think I came across this from here, but its hard to tell in this ever expanding interweb we're all stuck in...



Enjoy this hysterical mashup of techno music and footage of some kind of church service. Amazing.

via The Music of Sound.


Enter the Blogkove: The Return of Bern Smarkove, Succubus.

Please swing on over to the online basin of vitriol spewed from the mouth of our good friend Bern Smarkove. He's already referenced this blog, me, and my father.

Benbeel's Blogkove.

There you will find prose-poem rants, thoughts on evolution and science (slime molds are apparently genius, who knew?) and reflections on religion.


"Kosher" Music Defined

Rabbi Ephraim Luft of Bnei Brak, Israel has taken it upon himself to define "kosher music" and ban everything that doesn't fit that definition. In my opinion, this amounts to an abuse of power and an assault on the human spirit.

BBC reports. Make sure you look at the Rules for Playing Kosher Music.

Via Blog in D-Minor.


Some Sweet Hand Art

Toxel has some pretty clever hand art by Mario Mariotti. Here's an example:

Check them out for lots more.


I Met the Walrus

Please enjoy this funky animated short that accompanies Jerry Levitan's guerrilla interview with John Lennon.

I Met The Walrus from charlie metzger on Vimeo.

Via Califaudio. Also see I Met the Walrus and MovieWeb's page about it all.


Jon Rose Bows Fences in the Middle of Nowhere while Wearing a Bee Helmet

Jon Rose is a violinist and artist. He plays fences. Yes, fences. And it is awesome. At times sounding like trumpets, or the wind, a whole orchestra, or one angry cat, playing fences is awesome.

Great Fences of Australia video.

Via Ubu.


Self-supplied Info-art

This is fun. It's call Wordle and it turns text, or an rss feed, or your delicious tags into a customizable word cloud. You can even just paste a whole lot of text in and make a cloud. Cloud.

Here are my delicious tags in cloud form:


Milk Shirt

tani didn't think this was too funny (as only female cows give milk he says) , but I find it hilarious. Let's us know with whom you agree:

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