Conspiracy as Currency

I finally got around to scanning my prized Deception Dollar for posting. This is along the lines of our previous post concerning found imagery in that this was not found on the internet but is still deemed Gam-worthy.

I can't remember where I came across this bill, but it's stuffed full of conspiracy-minded websites and tiny iconography that might not show up on the scan, including the logos of major corporations and Masonic symbols.

Click pic for a bigger version.


Matrix Fail

I saw this in an Israeli discount store:

Anyone want to explain?



Over sized underwear = mesmerizing and gross. Also, sorry for my Gamming hiatus, I've been overseas!


Really Old Recordings, Part II

One of our favorite subjects to gam here at Sweet Gams is really old recordings. When those old recordings are from Thomas Edison, they go up immediately. And that's what we got here, a full LP of 'em!

Check out the great blog A Closet of Curiosities to snag up the LP (links at bottom of the post), and check out tons more Edison recordings at the National Parks' site and on this funky little page.