Least Helpful Review of All Time.

Grange pointed me towards this internet nugget of hilarity. It's a "review" of Cardozo School of Law by someone with a substantially less than stellar command of the English language.

Click the screenshot for large/readable version:

Or head over the original page, & don't miss the user's profile. Do everyone a favor and just click "No" where it asks if this review was helpful.



You may remember Diego Stocco from our Phonodendria post. He's back with a monster Frankenstein instrument he's dubbed the Experibass.

See more of Diego's work.


2 Sign Fails

Here are two signs I came across:

In case you're having trouble reading it, it says, "Trespassing Tenants and Their Guests Only." Makes sense to me. Here's another I saw on 14th Street:


Do With This What You Will

Just don't act like a deer (Click pic for bigger & readable version).

Found years ago & much obsessed over with Bern Smarkove.


Mysterious Found Imagery

This may be a break from the "found on the inter-web" part of this blog's tag line, but I found the following images today on the original Internet--The Sidewalk. The four images were arranged in a pamphlet, 2 on each side folded in half like a book. I can't come up with any explanations for these, so please leave comments.

Click the pics for bigger versions.