Really Old Recordings

These awesome recordings found in the Archive's Edison Cylinder section of the 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings collection were originally recorded by Edison Records, the first record company ever (Edison as in Thomas Edison). Many of them are phonograph cylinders, the first way to record and reproduce music.

The embedding codes aren't working for some reason so just click the links:

Imperial Marimba Band - Stars and Stripes Forever.

Boola Boola Ah Yale (The Yale fight song)

San Francisco Saxophone Quartet- Maple Leaf Rag.

Tons more at Audio Archive.



I just discovered these "patafilms" on the Archive. I'm not sure what is really going on yet. There are lots of these little films and an accompanying blog. Hopefully more viewings and reading will lead to enlightenment...or something. Enjoy!


The Spinning Dancer

Here's the Spinning Dancer tani mentioned below:

She can spin clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on how you look at it.

Color Illusions

I stumbled onto this site with a fine example of the color illusion (not sure if that's the proper name). That led to the Spanish Castle picture, which led to this list of other pictures with the same illusion. Stare at the dot or one spot on the weirdo color pic, then mouse over the image to revert to black & white, but the photo will look like it's in color until you move your eyes! Very strange experience.

Also crazy, the Spinning Dancer.


Sound Illusions

These are fun and mess with your head/ears.

Via The Music of Sound.



Stumbled onto this video from 1969 (date unconfirmed):

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

The Thylacine

Dig this site all about Australia's Thylacine, an extinct carnivorous dog-like marsupial. Bizarre.

More info on Wikipedia and Arkive.


Foot-circle Six-drawing exercise thing.

I stumbled upon this interesting little tidbit:

From Jeff Bridges's web site. Yep, The Dude himself.


Weird Neat Thing

Here's a weird neat thing:

Click Me

Enjoy yourself.


Rubber-Glove Bassoon

I'm not entirely sure how Mic Conway's rubber-glove bassoon works, but it works. This video is great for a number of reasons: Firstly, the obvious self-shot cinematography; Secondly, the rubber-glove bassoon, of course; and Thirdly, Mic's absurd facial contortions. More info at Australia Adlib.