44 Pianos, The Big Earth Chord, and Euphony/Cacophony

Jonathan Crayford is a composer/pianist/multi-instrumentalist. His aptly named project, 44 Pianos, consisted of recording 44 pianos.

Take a listen to the Big Earth Chord, which is in E flat, which is the note at which the Earth spins (unproven).




From the website: "Can you grow one? Yes you can!"


Smoke Beer!

Check this out:
That's right, a refershing brew with that smokey taste everyone loves from a beer. From the site:

"Even if the brew tastes somewhat strange at the first swallow, do not stop, because
soon you will realize that your thirst will not decrease and your pleasure will visibly increase."


Calm a Llama Down

Thx to tani for introducing my to the Might Boosh. And thx to M. Boosh for this gem:

And here's a photo of my llama (Shadow), just after she was shaved for the summer:


Gwilly Edmondez: A Man with a Plan

Gwilly Edmondez is some kind of musician/artist/singer based in Newcastle, U.K. His stuff goes a lot like this:

You can find more info on Gwilly's pages at Ubu Film, Ubu Sound, YouTube, and MySpace.

via Ubu Blog.


100th Post!! June First is International Sweet Gams Day

In honor of this sweet blog's one hundredth sweet post, the first of June will, from here on out, be known far and wide as

International Sweet Gams Day!

So get the gams out and celebrate any way you see fit.

Sweet Yams (close enough).