Fast Food Oddities: Cringe (& Gam)-Worthy Advertising

I guess since fast-food is so unabashedly terrible for you, the companies have to resort to super-bizarre advertising in order to get anyone to actually consider putting that crap in their bodies.

Add Japan to that mix and you get things like these:

Sexualizing Ronald McDonald should be a crime against humanity. Not because the creepy Ginger clown is sacred or anything, mind you, but just because he should remain as asexual as possible. He's a mascot for crying out loud.

Next up is a Wendy's training video from the 80's submitted by venerable friend of the Gam, Mr. Tubish. I guess Wendy's realized that anyone training for their job could use a little trip out to deal with the fact that they were about to embark on a harrowing journey into the Fast Food Inferno that is Wendy's.




Somewhere in the Gamiverse something similar has been posted before, but this is the best of the birduitar videos I've come across.

Awesome that they crap on everything, too.