Ram-Gam! Suicidal Vegetable Edition

--Compliments of Cousin Jeremiah.


Chatroulette Standoff

Big standoff between mini Buddhist Jukebox & Stuffed Monkey. Who will be victorious?



I apologize. As none or some of you know or don't care, I'm studying for the NY BAR Exam. Thus, my interwebical meanderings have been stymied as of late. As a result, there have been a dearth of Gams! postings on my behalf.

That said, I did notice these two images I'd like to share.

Both come from the same site, and both involve childhood-ness as seen from a different perspective.

I don't know if its from studying 8+ hours straight every day, or being in one room for most of my week, but I keep having intensely random memories from my childhood. Memories I hadn't remembered for years and years. They're fun and strange and slightly disturbing. Sort of like these images.