Super Bizarre Bird Trade in Louisiana

I had to read this a few times before I fully understood what exactly went down. Hicks are fascinating.



This was pretty sweet:  

And isn't that the Lonely Island guy?


Star Wars! The Trilogies Continue (on Twitter)

I noticed that Tina Fey was follwoing Chewbacca on Twitter. I then noticed he was following Darth Vader, The Emperor, Han Solo and the whole crew. Even Admiral Ackbar and R2D2. Who knew?

The Emperor is probably the most entertaining, with gems like, "When Obama wins, it will have transpired according to my design." Tho Chewbacca's aren't bad, like "wruurrrrwww blooarrrrggghhh," and "wwhehrweehhhwhwnnnn."

Speaking of Twitter, I've been hooked on Twitter Search. It's like live Google results from people. Crazy powerful. You can narrow searches by location, and other sweet things. Let us know if you find anything good. Start with searching for "sneeze." Also try out some of the "Nifty Queries," on the right...


Random Bouncy Process Music Generator

Stumbled upon this thing, the Grotrian Pianolina, a while back.

Throw the little cubes around to make notes, or select one of the programmed phrases and watch & listen as it degrades.

Creepy X-Ray Fetus Kiss

I was surfing thru some old bookmarks Chrome imported from FireFox (since way back before I used Delicious) and came across This site, which had this image:


Christian Bale Loses it on the Director of Photography

Listen to this wonderfully recorded audio track of Christian Bale absolutely letting loose on the Director of Photography, Shane Hurlbut, during the shooting of Terminator: Salvation.

Bale Tantrum mp3

Via The Music of Sound.

I can't wait for the dance remix...and here it is!!!


Man Dies Skydiving...But Not How You Think

Read this insane news story.

Pride, Prejudice and Zombies!

Woot! : the blog, alerts us to the following:

which is a forthcoming book that adapts the original Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice, with additonal zombie scense written by Seth Grahame-Smith.  Find out more here.  Should be a good read.