I had a Little Dreidel-Western Style

Thanks Mom.


Oh, Canada

Apparently, Canadians' top 2 Google searches are "Facebook" and "YouTube." Maybe the cold is freezing their brains up there-why don't they just go to those sites directly? Haha, and "Google" is in their top 10!

From here.


Man Get's Trapped in Balloon

I don't know what's happening in this video, but it sure makes me laugh:

It may be from studying all day, but both whatever he's trying to do and all his comments are hilarious.


A Tale of Alpine Skiing for the Whole Family (Not At All)

Words would just diminish the effect of this audio file. Just click, sit back, and enjoy.

Ski Story.

Get Your Avant-Garde Art Fix

Found browsing around Ubu:

A great interview with improvised music legend Derek Bailey. He talks about he how came to improvised music and why. Good stuff.

Charlemagne Palestine's Island Song video. He drives around an island on a motorcycle with a camera strapped to himself singing and harmonizing with the engine. Charlemagne Palestine is an intriguing guy. Dig him.