Everybody was Surfing, Surfing Al-pac-a.

Alpacas and Llamas are very dear the Gam-heart, so when we came across this absurd video, we had to share it with the Gamiverse:

Sure, we've all seen surfing dogs, but they have paws with grippy paw-pads. Just imagine standing and a slick wet surface with nothing but a hard, toe-nail-like hoof.

I think the most profound question this video inspires is "Why?"


Pop-Up Promo Fail

While watching some sweet post-apocalyptic programming courtesy of National Geographic, I was subject to one of those little pop-up promos advertising the next show. Something looked off to me. Take a gander:

Ah, yes, "Loackdown," of course! What an odd place for a typo, really makes you think about the poor sap who actually types out the words in those things every day.

Ad Fail

They either need to increase their ad budget to get more than one customer, or they just really love that one customer and are commanding us to as well.

"Love our Customer!"

What's with the crazy ads around 14th Street (where I saw this)? And here.


Prolonged Awkward Maternal Instrument Destruction

Smashing one's instrument at the end of a particularly good show can be pretty awesome to watch. The following is the polar opposite of that:

Stilted and awkward is not the way to go with smashing a guitar, but it does create something completely hilarious.


Stereotype Win

My niece is named Molly, so my sister bought her an American Doll girl with the same name. I wanted to see what she looked like, so I went to their website. Whilst there, I came across the Jewish American Doll girl, Rebecca. I also noticed her "accessories:"

Because you can't be Jewish without a cheese bagel, pickles and an American Flag!


Oscars Fail

Who's that guy in the background, a Rabbi?


Deep Sea Porcine Corpses!

The ever-inspiring National Geographic posted this video footage of sea-life going to town on sunken pig carcasses (in the name of research, of course):