Eefin' Revisted + Interspecies Eefs

I recently discovered one of the finest websites of all time: Immanent Discursivity. The fine folks there posted up two Eefin' related videos, which, of course, you remember from our own Eefin' post a ways back. Things are a little different this time around, & way, way freakier:

This next video I can't even begin to explain:


This Ain't no Hula!

Check out this Sweet 80s clip:

From the film Hard Ticket to Hawaii:

"This Ain't no Hula!"


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Tape-Loop Anglophilia!

Here's an awesome documentary about the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop--the guys responsible for all the sound effects on the BBC's television & radio shows. It's in six parts on youtube, collected for your convenience on Synthtopia, but you can watch the first part here:



Divine Inspiration & Arboreal Cathedrals

Horace Burgess received a vision from God. The Almighty told him that he is to forever build a towering treehouse. Part ramshackle tower of Babel, part woodland Vatican, Mr. Burgess, the pastor of the timberland, has created something truly beautiful.

More & more, video (#11).


The Terrifying Past: Surgical Instruments

Stumbled upon this extremely disturbing collection of horrifying surgical tools from the days of yore. My favorite? I'd have to say the tobacco smoke enema apparatus:

Runner up, Skullsaw: