Backwards German Simpsons

Apparently, the Simpson's are backwards in Germany. Also, even more hilarious...almost funnier than the real thing! "Daas is Linguo"


Re: Brainorchestra

In this previous post I said "it would be one thing if brainwaves were being interpreted into sound." Well, apparently that's what's going on in this video (well, not necessarily brainwaves, "but electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain"):

EEG sound sample from nik on Vimeo.

Human brainwaves from eeg data amplified to audible and converted into audible sound. The video is unrelated to the audio.



Star Trek Weapon Fail

No Words:

So I've been watching some of the original Star Trek episodes on Joost and came across this scene from episode 7.  What prop guy came up w/that!?  

Funky Online Interactive Game Art Thing (FOIGAT)

Give this thing a try, it's called Twitch. It's a multi-windowed little game thing part of the Chrome Experiments family, where you can find more things like this.

Also Try Ball Pool, good times.



Music triggered by brain activity:

This is really cool, yes, but I imagine that witnessing this live wouldn't be so great...I mean, you'd just be staring at people sitting on stage staring into screens and such. Also, I'm pretty sure you can program anything to be triggered by anything. It would be one thing if brainwaves were being interpreted into sound, but I'm not sure that's what's going on here.

Article here, via Make.


Phone Your (Ba)Nana

Stumbled onto the following purposeless/reasonless thing:

Absurd. Website.