Typewritin' & Music Makin'

I found out about the Boston Typewriter Orchestra via Music for Maniacs, there's an mp3 posted there. I found some videos on the ole YouTube.



Dead Puppies

Another movie confession, I just saw The Goods. It was definitely funnier than I thought it would be. If anyone sees it, it's worth a wait to the end credits for a hilarious remix from the movie. The movie had some other great music, which was part of its surprising humor.

Check out this site for a sample (and turn on your speakers).


Man Makes Noise in Dark, Cluttered Room.

While scouring YouTube for prepared guitar videos I came across this delightful little piece:



Security Cameras, the Internet, and You!

WikiHow has a great article on how to watch security camera feeds using the internet. It really works. I found this marina in Germany and some office somewhere. The best one was someone's pool in their backyard but I can't find it again. Play around with some.


"Wholesome" Swimwear

Here's a site that sells swimming clothes for the modestly inclined, which in and of itself is a noble pursuit. But why do they have to make their website so creepy? An example:

That woman is nowhere near a beach. Here's thier description:

WholesomeWear is a modest lind of clothing for "wherever." Our WaterWear is the first to be introduced because the need for modesty in swimwear is greatest and the supply is alomst non-existent. Swimwear that "highlights the face, rather than the body" includes an undergarment with bright....

Why is "wherever" in quotes? What are they implying? Creepy. Anyway, check out the site, some great photos.