Star Wars! The Trilogies Continue (on Twitter)

I noticed that Tina Fey was follwoing Chewbacca on Twitter. I then noticed he was following Darth Vader, The Emperor, Han Solo and the whole crew. Even Admiral Ackbar and R2D2. Who knew?

The Emperor is probably the most entertaining, with gems like, "When Obama wins, it will have transpired according to my design." Tho Chewbacca's aren't bad, like "wruurrrrwww blooarrrrggghhh," and "wwhehrweehhhwhwnnnn."

Speaking of Twitter, I've been hooked on Twitter Search. It's like live Google results from people. Crazy powerful. You can narrow searches by location, and other sweet things. Let us know if you find anything good. Start with searching for "sneeze." Also try out some of the "Nifty Queries," on the right...

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