Music triggered by brain activity:

This is really cool, yes, but I imagine that witnessing this live wouldn't be so great...I mean, you'd just be staring at people sitting on stage staring into screens and such. Also, I'm pretty sure you can program anything to be triggered by anything. It would be one thing if brainwaves were being interpreted into sound, but I'm not sure that's what's going on here.

Article here, via Make.

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benbeel said...

it's true, the assignment of notes to certain brainwaves created by/creating certain emotions is arbitrary. it has no relationship to tonal perception in the brain. what would be better would be if they could attach such a device to the auditory associative areas of the brain, and use actual mental "planning" of tones to create music. that would be cool. this is snake oil, sold be none other than tani P himself