When Robots Will Play Music.

I've been coming across a of lot of robotic music-playing lately & I'm not sure what to think about it. On the one hand, it's pretty cool from an engineering perspective, but on the other, it's a degradation of human-kind's greatest & most-expressive art form into something horridly soulless. With that said, enjoy some of these videos:

First up, a robot plays John Coltrane's solo from Giant Steps:

A robot named "Lev" plays the Theremin, the first electronic instrument ever:

The Theremin is actually a very expressive instrument when played by a human. See this performance by Clara Rockmore:

Or this short video of Pamelia Kurstin warming up in a studio:

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Grange said...

"degradation of human-kind's greatest & most-expressive art form" or expansion of it?

Humans programed the robots, so maybe this is an example of bringing art to bear on science. A robot can be cold and "engineered," or it can play the saxophone...

Also, I believe photography has been decided as humanity's greatest and most expressive art form...