Ocular Blood-Cannons leads to Shapeshifting Reptilian Ruling Elite!?

I wanted to just put up a couple of videos of the awesome Horned Lizard that can squirt blood from its eye sockets at predators, who find the liquid foul, but YouTube put me on a much stranger path....

Firstly, the lizards:

Slightly longer & more informative video (same squirt footage):

The strange part happened when I noticed certain videos popping up in searches including the words "lizard" and "eyes." The videos were all of former president Bush Sr, and it took me a little while to realize that the person who made the videos, YouTube user Humans Win, was trying to convince the viewers that Bush Sr, along with some other of the ruling elite, is actually a shape-shifting reptilian life-form not of this planet! I'm not really sure I can see the reptilian nature of Bush's eyes in the videos, but the dude seems convinced. Have a look for yourself:


ben said...

Can we back up for a second here:

That video nonchalantly claims that researcher David Icke has devoted his life to studying how reptiles from another dimension are ruling out governments.

I, and now you, have a new obsession:


(tani) said...

Bern, the Icke path is a dangerous one...