Fast Food Oddities: Cringe (& Gam)-Worthy Advertising

I guess since fast-food is so unabashedly terrible for you, the companies have to resort to super-bizarre advertising in order to get anyone to actually consider putting that crap in their bodies.

Add Japan to that mix and you get things like these:

Sexualizing Ronald McDonald should be a crime against humanity. Not because the creepy Ginger clown is sacred or anything, mind you, but just because he should remain as asexual as possible. He's a mascot for crying out loud.

Next up is a Wendy's training video from the 80's submitted by venerable friend of the Gam, Mr. Tubish. I guess Wendy's realized that anyone training for their job could use a little trip out to deal with the fact that they were about to embark on a harrowing journey into the Fast Food Inferno that is Wendy's.


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