An Open Letter to Urban Dictionary

Dear Urban Dictionary,

I recently submitted a wonderful phrase to be included on your excellent and important site. It's a good phrase, one that captures just one of the myriad of amazing things about this Internet to which we've all grown so attached. My phrase was rejected. Rejected! I didn't even realize UD rejected phrases, I mean, most of the entries are either just regular words or people's names! There is NO reason "New York" should up there! None! And let's not forget the veritable panoply of elicit sexual terms and blatantly racist hate-speech included in your "definitions." Many of your entries also contain horrendous grammatical and spelling errors. Mine was well written.

Your site seriously needs to look deeply into your practices.

Click the image below to read the rejection letter (which includes my entry and definition):

I am deeply disappointed in you, Urban Dictionary. For shame.

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