Strange Androidesque Lady Plays Various Percussion Instruments (Poorly)

I guess these videos were made for some kind of instructional video...which is odd because I'm pretty sure this lady is terrible at what she's doing & has no business instructing anyone to do anything ever.

Let's begin with this awkward bit of high-hat demonstration:

Pretty terrible. Her cymbal work, however, will top that with jilted movements and awkward facial expressions:

Thus far our rhythmically-challenged friend has been showing at least some minute skill, but the following "thundersheet" demo requires none of it:

This has to be my favorite video, & thus saved for last. Where to begin? The slow start, the excruciating wait & stare that is the entire last half of the video. What is going through her mind? "I'm the best gong-player this side of [Where could this person possibly carry out her life?]. As with most things on the internet, this is best watched ad infinitum:


Grange said...

Is that a man? And where can I get that backdrop?

benbeel said...

her eyes penetrate my soul